Write for us

  1. Who can write for us?

We aim to make Themindhealing – an interesting and useful resource for people who share the same passion and interest. We welcome the eager psychologist, psychiatrist and other mental health professionals as authors here. We look for lively essays on any topic in psychology, mental health and well-being. This could be either research-based or something based on your lived experience.

  1. What you can write about?

We’re interested in all articles that in any way provide understanding and insight into the human’s psychological landscape. Thus, you are fairly free regarding choice of topic and approach. We prefer a conversational tone and from a desire to communicate something important to the readers. Guest posts should be engaging, thought-provoking, smart and insightful to a general audience.

  1. What needs to be taken care of while writing?

We focus on the articles in the following categories:

Psychology from everyday life, Mental illness, Philosophy of life, Treatment and Psychotherapy, Self Help and Self-development, Personal Experiences, Psychology in Culture and Society, Child and Youth Psychology, Occupational and Organizational Psychology, Positive Psychology, Mind and body, Academic psychology, Medical Treatment, Health Psychology, Family & Relationship, Psychology in crisis, Negative life patterns, Dreams, Forensic psychology, Diagnosis and Assessment, Research, Addiction, Suicide.

  1. How should it be?

Guidelines we follow for guest post:

  • It should be 700-850 words
  • Written articles should be unique, original and exclusive.
  • There should be no grammatical errors, plagiarism or spelling errors. It will result in rejection of the post.
  • It’s nice to know who you are, so include a personal bio of about 300 words.
  • Recommended to include 2-3 pictures regarding the article in jpeg/png format. No copyright issues.
  • Submit your article in docx format to the mentioned below email address.
  • If using any resources e.g. websites and/or books, do include a list of references at the end.
  1. What rights do we carry?

We reserve the right to edit content that we publish – according to our own editorial judgement. So there might be some changes to your submission.

  1. Where can they send it for approval?

All the submissions need to be sent at hello@themindhealing.com. We aim to get back to you within five days but sometimes it can take a week.

  1. How much time will it take to go live?

It will be live within 24-48 hours depending on the approval.

If you agree with the above guidelines, We look forward to your contribution!