Personality Evaluation

Personality evaluation is a systematic and scientific evaluation of the personal characteristics of an individual. It helps determine their skills, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. Personality tests aim to measure the personality traits and types in an individual.

You may have heard people referring to someone as being anxious or moody or outgoing etc. These are personality traits. Traits refer to characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors on which individuals differentiate from each other. These traits are like a continuum on which people fall and are stable and consistent over time. On the other hand, personality type is like a box or a category which accommodates people on the basis of certain characteristics.

Personality evaluation is an excellent tool for self exploration, helping you to understand yourself better as our personality guides our decisions and actions. Furthermore, It can be used as a screening tool for jobs, helping out the companies to select the best applicant for a particular job profile. It is an essential tool in the clinical settings for risk assessment and to evaluate the changes in the personality.

We use different personality tools like 16pf, Rorschach test, sentence completion test etc evaluate personality as per the requirement of the situation.