Cognitive Evaluation

Just as you go for a routine physical checkup to know about your physical health, the cognitive assessment provides you with the baseline knowledge about your cognitive abilities. These abilities include memory, reasoning, attention, concentration and language.

We all forget things from time to time and more so as we age. But in some instances the forgetfulness is significant and begins to interfere with the normal life. For instance, losing things often, having trouble coming up with words that you already know or forgetting about the names or routes etc. Evaluation in such instances can provide you with a clearer picture of the cause of the memory problems you are experiencing and find out about the presence of any underlying degenerative disorders like dementia or alzheimer.

Similarly cognitive assessment is necessary and important in the instances of the injuries to the brain, strokes or epilepsy. Traumatic brain injuries can occur at any place, time and because of any number reasons. The evaluation can help to diagnose underlying cognitive impairment that may have occurred because of the injury. We use a variety of cognitive tests like MMSE, MOCA, figure of Rey etc.