Looking for mental health coach for your team’s wellbeing, mental health, and enhance their performance? Miss Neelam and her team work particularly for motivation, building resilience in team, mental health issues that commonly occur in the workplace, as well as maintaining balance in high performance cultures with a holistic approach to extend help to their immediate family members. 

Through our organizational experience she can assist with your organisation’s needs. We help with:

  • Workshops + Seminars on topics related to wellbeing, mental health, and performance. These range from one-hour lunch and learn sessions through to half- and full-day training. We focus on topics including:
    • Professional and Personal boundaries 
    • Learning skills (Brain gym, mindset and habits), 
    • Stress, burnout and resilience; 
    • Mental Health issues in the workplace, and
    • Self psycho-therapeutic models to handle negative thoughts and overthinking


We can also develop bespoke training to meet your organisation’s needs.

Neelam have worked with a range of organisations including Optum, Accenture, Johnson & Johnson, Barclays, American express, NTT Data and so on.  

  • Employee Assistance Program. We can help with work/personal problems that impact on performance and psychological wellbeing, including adjustment difficulties, stress and burnout, grief and loss, critical incidents, anxiety, and depression.
  • Leadership + Organisational Development consulting. We can build a range of bespoke solutions for workplace needs, including building capability or competency frameworks, aptitude and personality assessment, psychometric assessment for recruitment and development, as well as leadership and team coaching.