Cognitive Rehabilitation

Cognitive rehabilitation is instrumental in providing aid to the people with neurological impairment. The impairment could be the result of traumatic brain injury or strokes, mild cognitive deficits and early stage dementia or Alzheimer.

In cognitive rehabilitation, the focus is on improving the cognitive skills that are in-adept in order to facilitate better human functioning. A comprehensive neuropsychological assessment along with the interviews with the family and caregivers gives a complete profile of the client. Based on this profile specific areas are targeted for improvement. Restorative strategies are then used with the aim to improve and strengthen the weak areas. For instance, a person facing memory deficits might be taught techniques such as making acronyms for improving the memory recall. 

Cognitive rehabilitation facilitates the independence of people with cognitive impairment thus improving the quality of life.

We provide rehabilitation of people with all kinds of cognitive impairments specifically those related to dementia, epilepsy and traumatic brain injury.