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Neelam Mishra is a seasoned Psychologist with an extensive background in providing assessment and therapeutic interventions to children, adolescents, young adults and the elderly.

With a decade of counseling experience, she is skilled in identifying psychopathology and using eclectic approach to help her clients. She follows a compassionate and empathetic outlook and strives to help others become better functioning members of society.

Neelam mishra has been practicing for about a decade and has experience in the field of child psychology, adult psychology and geriatric psychology. She is a certified CBT and REBT practitioner from the Beck Institute. Using her skills and immense knowledge, she has worked with individuals and the families with mood disorders, ADHD, schizophrenia, autism and cognitive impairment. She specializes in providing neuro- rehabilitation supporting individuals with cognitive impairment arising because of dementia, stroke, epilepsy or traumatic brain injury. She strives to provide quality assistance to all her clients.

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“Doctor Neelam is an excellent counselor she has helped me a lot in each and every aspect of life and showed me a new way to live life when I was very disappointed .Dr. focuses on small issue takes everything step by step covering all these issues she is always available for you motivates you to take take up challenges and helps you to do them as well she is a doctor whois always there for you whether it’s day or night a true review by my experience Thanks a lot doctor for helping change my life.”
Akansha Sharma
She really changed my life by addressing my problems correctly and providing accurate solutions to them, I am extremely thankful to her for her efforts
Lakshmi Tiwari
I had a good experience with her. She understands the problem deeply and always give time to patients. I will recommend her as one of the best psychologists in Delhi region.
Anshul Bhardwaj
The doctor is very empathetic and friendly. She listens to the clients problems very patiently and recommends doable treatment. I was able to recover from my problem in 4-5 sessions. She specifically remembers her clients and schedules follow up sessions. She is easily accessible in the hospital and via other communication mediums. I would undoubtedly recommend her 🙂

Jahnvi Sharma
Dr. Neelam Mishra is one of the best psychologists in Delhi in India. She is very helpful and friendly doctor. This provides best quality treatment and less money.
Shivam Patel
I would highly recommend this doctor if you have any psychological disorder. Doctor is very polite and knowledgeable. She asks you everything and you will not feel like you are talking to stranger. It takes 2 hr for my consultation and I got to know the root of my problem. She solved my problem without medicine and all. Probably the best doctor in Delhi.
Pranav Kancharlawar
She’s good and helps you discover your set of possibilities, strengths and weaknesses. All in all its a value for money experience. I recommend her.
Disha Arora

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